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Digit parsing


The parser does not accept certain arithmetic expressions, for example x+1, because it expects a space after binary operators.
The problem is in lexer.lex with these lines:
[-+]?[0-9]+ { return (int)Tokens.DIGITS; }
[-+]?[0-9]+[.][0-9]+ { return (int)Tokens.REAL; }
[-+]?[0-9]+[\/][-+]?[0-9][1-9] { return (int)Tokens.FRAC; }

The problem being that the + and - sign are considered part of the DIGITS/REALS/FRAC token, which forbids the parser to decide whether they are binary or unary operators.

A fix is to change the lines to the following code, and let the parser decide between unary minus, binary minus and binary plus operators (but this way +1 is not a valid number, since there is no unary + operator defined in the parser):
[0-9]+ { return (int)Tokens.DIGITS; }
[0-9]+[.][0-9]+ { return (int)Tokens.REAL; }
[1-9] { return (int)Tokens.FRAC; }